Trent & Mariah are old souls and they ride because they believe in the old ways. They believe in the value of watching the world go by at a slower pace then what society moves at today.  They believe in a life that doesn’t get caught up in the idea that everything is disposable. They believe that every thing has a story, and that we all get a chance to add our stories to it and share it for only a little time, before we pass it on to the next generation.

A life in the wild, at a slower pace keeps them centered. Much in the same way that it did for Trent's great grandfather, Patrick Henry and Mariah’s great grandfather, George Vivian.  Patrick Henry was a mountain guide/packer in Roslyn, Wa. and George Vivian was a true saddle Bronc cowboy and is probably where Mariah gets her ability to work and train horses. But their entire lives they have gone through believing that there was more to their past then they knew and that their ideals were inspired and influencing how they travel through this world today. They can feel that strong connection, feeling more present in the moment while being out in nature - getting outside and sharing that connection with a horse that calls the wild its home just as much as they do, much in the same way that their great Grandfathers did.


Riding for them is like going home. And while riding in the mountains, there are fewer moments that can amount to what they feel, and how present in the moment they feel…..


                        “The Mountains are calling and I must go”

……John Muir