The Wild In Us

and the people that are helping to

 keep it alive 


Gold Level Sponsors

Athorus has been our major financial backer and with out their support, this project could not have gotten off the ground. The Wild In Us team thank's you, Athorus! 


Nicks boots has generously supplied us with our own custom made packer boots that they hand made in Spokane, Washington. Nicks boots makes some of the highest quality boots money can buy and they guarantee their custom fit boot. Their boots are incredible, comfortable, functional and have been a vital part of this journey.


O'Ferrall Saddlery & Tack ( has donated their shop, tools, and years of knowledge to help Trent, bring his saddle design to life. From a design on paper, to a saddle that fits the needs and demands of a long ride. Trevor has a real talent, and we would recommend him for custom saddle and any saddle repairs you might have. His packing gear, and pack bags are of incredible quality as well. THANKS, Trevor! 


We are excited to have the sponsorship and support of Watson's Hat Shop! 

Eric Watson's passion for hats started when he was a teenager. Inspired by the fedora worn by Indiana Jones he began his quest to learn the art of hat making by restoring fine vintage hats as old as 1912. Later after college, he was able to have some well seasoned hatters share their knowledge and equipment with him.

Back then, people took pride in what they wore, because it was tailor made by a master craftsman. Watson's hats are made with pride and will last a lifetime when worn properly. At Watson’s Hat Shop you will enjoy the natural luster and signature finishes that make their hats functional works of art. Thank you Watsons for providing a hat that is worthy of this project.


St. Croix Forge has generously donated all of our horseshoe and nail needs for this ride. No foot, no horse, and we (and our mustangs) can't thank them enough for keeping our horses feet safe on this journey! 


The Long Riders' Guild is the world's first international association of equestrian explorers, and this prestigious and respected guild is an invitation only organization. The Guild was formed in 1994 to represent men and women of all nations who have ridden more than 1,000 continuous miles on a single equestrian journey. They been a wealth of knowledge, contact, and support for us. Their work has been fundamental to the organization of this journey -- we can't thank them enough and we are proud to have their support! 


The Double L Ranch has been such a blessing to this project. Linda Laird and her mother/business partner, Diana Laird, have given us the full use of their facility in Bishop, CA where the climate and conditions have allowed us to train the mustangs nearly everyday to get them mentally and physically ready for the trail. Not only has Linda made a name for herself in the training world with mules, race horses, and extreme cowboy challenges, she has spent many years packing in the Eastern Sierra. The Double L Ranch facility offers the diverse background and knowledge Linda has acquired throughout her professional career. The Lairds have become family, and we are amazed by their passion and energy for the horse (or mule, or donkey!).  


Outfitters Pack Station has generously donated their time to help supply us with a Phillips Form Fitter Pack Saddle. All three of our mustangs have very different backs, but his self adjusting pack saddle will not only adjust to their unique backs, it will aid with adjusting to their changing bodies as we get further north along the PCT. Unlike most traditional sawbuck pack saddles that are fixed in shape and meant to fit only one animal, one back. Wade and Simone are wonderful people and we would highly suggest to anyone that wants to get in the backcountry with horses or mules. They make all of their own products and field test everything in their own pack strings. Thank you Wade & Simone!  

Silver Level Sponsors

  • Steve and Tami Peterson
  • Aunt Jo, JoAnn, Razzel & Aroara
  • Jeff & Teresa Staskiews
  • Cheryll Peterson
  • Monique Richards

Bronze Level Sponsors 

  • Eric Peterson
  • Mark Peterson
  • Jim & Paula O'brian
  • Betsey Wittick & Bainbridge Island Vineyards and Winery
  • John Ballard
  • Kathy Caputi
  • Brianna Morin
  • Steve & Tracy Keuler

And to anyone who supported us any other way they could along the way....we THANK YOU!!!