A very special thanks to everyone that helped make this dream a reality!


Trent Peterson - 

Is the son of the late Gary Peterson, and is the mastermind of the Wild In Us project. The inspiration for this ride came to Trent, when he was staring up at the constellation Orion.  At the moment of Gary's passing, a blazing streak of a meteor shot across the night sky, leaving Orion's bow letting Trent know, that Gary was finally at his eternal rest. The blaze of the meteor had faded, but the seed of this journey was planted, and began to grow into something that is larger then either one of them to tell the story of Gary, and others that are effected by Ataxia.

Being born and raised in Bellingham, Washington (the one place Gary called home his entire life) and combining Trent's passion for the backcountry and horses - he decided that much like his father lived to ride, he to would ride home, just not on a Harley like Gary would, but on horseback. With the support of his mother, family memebers, and others like Jeremiah Nelson & Bryce Hathaway, Trent has been able to make this all possible.     


Mariah Keuler -

Is the partner of Trent, both in the project and in life, and is someone he looks to for inspiration and knowledge. Her years as a professional mule trainer brings a tool box to the team that Trent and Mariah can pull from while training their mustangs. Mariah also helps to promote this project by running the social media platforms and helping with the all around planing of benefit rides and long distance rides. Mariah’s roll sometimes put her behind the scenes a bit, but she is just as much a part of the ‘Front of house’ as Trent is.

Jeremiah Nelson - 

Has been the 'Go To Guy' for all of the technical support. Jeremiah has many years of experience building beautiful and successful websites and he has donated his time, and knowledge to the cause. Much of what you see here on this site could not have been possible without him. The Wild In Us thanks you, Jeremiah! 

Bryce Hathaway - 

 Owner of the Rock'n B Ranch and the training facility of where the mustangs are being gentled, and readied for the long ride. Bryce has been a professional packer and has worked with horses for many years now and has been a valuable source of knowledge. He has donated corral space and his time to the ride, and without him, so much of this dream could not be possible. Being located in Susanville very near to the mustang holding facility has made the transition from Wild to Willing much easier. We can't thank you enough, Bryce for the use of your facility. 



Our Four Legged Companions 

Lillet - 

Is the world to Trent, and anyone that knows him, knows that where he goes, she goes. Her passion and drive for life is inspiring to be around. She might be getting a little older with every day and new adventure, but she is still Trent's, baby girl. 

Gary - 

This beautiful 6 year old mustang came from the ranges of Wyoming. He had been in the holding facility 5 years. As the oldest and more set in his ways, Gary has been the most difficult, but step by step, he is learning to trust us.

Gary was named for Trent's father, Gary, for whom he is dedicating his ride.

Banner - 

This Beautiful 5 year old mustang comes from ranges of California. He had been in the holding facility 5 years. He has shown comfort and was the first to approach and let us lead him.

Banner was named after the Banner peak in the Eastern Sierra. 




Minaret - 

This beautiful Mustang came from the ranges of Nevada. He had been in the holding facility 4 years. He has shown curiosity and the ability to be comfortable around us right away.