In 2014, Gary Peterson lost his life to Ataxia. Leaving behind a desire in his son to live life courageously, like his father.


To honor Gary Peterson, Trent Peterson, along with his 3 adopted mustangs riding north along the PCT, a 2,659 mile long trail stretching from Mexico to Canada, in the summer 2017. Trent rides to raise awareness and money for the ataxia foundation which funds research projects to one day stop the hereditary disease. To complete this ride, Trent will use Mustangs adopted, gentled and trained by himself. In doing so, he hopes to raise awareness for the challenges our wild horses face both in the wild and in holding facilities.


In order to live courageously, and honor the life and opportunities that Ataxia took from Gary, Trent turns to the mountains and the mustangs. He will go back to when life wasn’t as plush and so domesticated; when life didn’t exist in the borders of a fence line but ran wild across the harsh, unforgiving West. He rides to give hope to those who need some, to give a voice to those who have none and to educate along the way. He rides for Gary, he rides for the Mustangs, and he rides for the wild in us all.



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